NT$288 單價 TWD

結合英國康沃爾郡 (Cornish estate) 手工採摘的茶葉,大吉嶺 (Darjeeling) 高品質茶葉,調配出這一款清新獨特的英式風味茶。這是一款非常典型的英式茶飲。在下午 3 點忙碌之餘,利用短暫的午茶時間好好享用一杯英式下午茶,如果能再搭配上濃濃奶油香味的英式茶點,就真是一大享受啊! 當然,如果您在其他時段品嚐,也都能享受到這獨特的英式風味。

知名作家享利‧詹姆斯 (Henry James) 曾在他的作品 (中譯 仕女圖) 中提到:“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea” - Portrait of a Lady

採摘自英國康沃爾郡 (Cornish estate) 的清新茶葉,與來自印度大吉嶺的高品質茶葉,自然調配出一杯帶有香檳色澤的道地英式下午茶。同時也是一杯零脂肪、無麩質的好茶!

Perfect Brewing
沖泡時可依個人喜好,決定茶包浸泡時間。一般建議以熱水浸泡 3 分鐘即可。如果您喜歡濃厚的茶湯味道,可以將浸泡時間延長至 4 分鐘。對於平常就有習慣喝奶茶的人而言,您會發現這款英式下午茶非常適合調製成奶茶。您只要在品嚐前加入少許的鮮奶,就能做出一杯專屬您個人口感的英式奶茶。

"Thank you for your absolutely delicious Afternoon Tea. Our 8 year old granddaughter Katie would also like to thank you. Katie is a very fussy eater and drinker and it is very hard to please her when it comes to food and drink. She won't drink just anything put in front of her like some kids do. The other day I was drinking a cup of your tea. I have never had any before but what mouthful I had tasted really good. Katie asked if she could "have a little taste please" because she had never had any before either. Well. She had more than "a little taste". She drank the whole bloomin' lot! Then cried for more. So I gave the rest to her mother for her to drink later. What could I do? I couldn't deprive a sweet little 8 year old of your delicious tea. Because of her fussiness I of course let her have it all. Reluctantly! More fool me although it was for a good cause. Since then she doesn't want to drink anything else. She does but she says nothing's as good as your tea. You have turned a young fussy 8 year old into someone who likes Tregothnan Tea. Just like her grandad (who hardly had any at all!). Thank you very much for a fantastic product and a refreshing change." - Stuart Cooper (五顆星 評價)